Our Wines

The traditional wine of Château de Lescours

Rich in Merlot, our wines have a beautiful roundness, delicate finesse and great aromatic richness. Cabernets, on the other hand, give the wine its backbone, the basis of its structure (richness in tannins).

The traditional wine of the domain has always conscientiously avoided fashion. No excess wood to respect the primary aromas. Château de Lescours must be just a meeting, banquet, joyful wine, with that excess of elegance that age softens. And it is also a wine that tells the authenticity of its land.

The Lescours’s Cuvée

L de Lescours is made from our oldest vines (some of our vines can be up to 150 years old!). These vines being old, they produce much less grapes than the others. The juice is therefore more concentrated, richer in aromas, in tannins.

In addition, the barrels used for the aging of this cuvée being exclusively new, this wine is more robust than the traditional. However, this aging in oak barrels never exceeds 12 months.

Our longevity cuvée

Traditionally, winemaking with the roundup kept the wine longer.

It is this ancestral method that was used during the vinification of Longue vie de Lescours, for the 2010 vintage.

On this cuvée, only magnums and double-magnums were bottled.

This wine can be kept for many years and opened on special occasions. What could be better than a wine from its year of birth to celebrate an event in one’s life?

Our specialty : Le Pierrot

The Pierrot is a sweet, velvety, delicate, fresh liqueur wine: a delicacy!

Using the Pineaux des Charentes recipe, this wine is the result of mixing a Cognac which we no longer have to make famous and our own grape juice.