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8 centuries of history...

Château de Lescours is located in the prestigious appellation of Saint-Emilion and was named after its first owner: Pey de Lascortz, squire of King Edouard III, who built this castle in 1341.

Since its foundation, Château de Lescours has been one of the most well-known properties in the entire region.

The castle is surrounded by deep moats; we could find fortifications in the courtyard to defend the lands from enemies coming from the Dordogne River.

Henri de Navarre (French King from 1589 to 1610) came to the Château de Lescours twice in 1582 and 1583 to find refuge.

During the Renaissance period, Château de Lescours underwent transformations. However, a large part of the medieval castle has been destroyed, it still features two old towers from the 14th century.

In the 19th century, vines were planted all around the castle. Since then, Château de Lescours has been producing red wines in the Saint-Emilion Great Growth Appellation.

The Chariol family has owned the vineyard for 4 generations.

Pierre Chariol has been the owner for 20 years, and he tries to keep the property within the family.